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Welcome to Team Corp!

You will soon find out that Teamwork is what we do best. From our partnering with United Service Association For Health Care (USA+) to our Agent field force, we’ve teamed up with the best to serve the needs of individuals and families, small business owners and their employees all across the United States.

Just who is Team Corp?
We’re an agent-friendly marketing organization with a strong commitment and dedication to our Agent’s success. We began in 2004 to build a team of the best and brightest Agents out there. An aggressive compensation plan along with level commissions makes it possible to have team partners that are ahead of the competition.

Speaking of being ahead of the competition...
Team Corp is an affiliate company of National Health Corporation who started its business operations in 1966 and has been on the cutting edge ever since. Team Corp’s partnering with United Service Association For Health Care (USA+) to market their line of guaranteed acceptance supplemental products continued to put us out front.

So what do we sell?
Team Corp Agents sell USA+ memberships. Membership packages into this nationwide non-profit association contain a variety of benefits, some of which are insurance benefits. And how does USA+ do it? They have been in business since 1983 and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This longevity and excellent reputation has allowed USA+ to form strategic alliances with providers of some of the most sought after benefits in the market place. Group buying power equals Team building once again.